Hello! My name is
Franklyn Espinoza.

I am a UX Designer with an extensive background in Visual Design.

My mission is to create harmony between people and joyful experiences through interactive technology!



Here are 3 case studies that I worked on that I am proud to show you! Click the thumbnails below and let's dive deep into the wonders of the UX design process!

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Pointer App

Literacy app redesign

Visual Design lead

UX Voice Redesign

Presently App

Overhaul design

Visual Design Lead

Co-Interaction Designer

Lucy in Disguise.com

e-commerce design

E-commerce implementation

Site Map Restructure



My background is in visual design, a stepping stone to my current career as a UX Designer. You can review some of my best work that helped me become the designer that I am.

To check out more of this type of work, you can visit my Behance portfolio site.


Hey again, it's me, Franklyn Espinoza. I am a UX designer based in Bulverde, Texas. My creative resources and various years of visual and product design experience will help you develop your ideas into a full-fleshed out app, website, and much more!


A little more about myself, I am originally a conceptual illustrator, Graphic/Visual Designer, and College Professor, with roots stretching across New York City. I have been freelancing throughout the entertainment world for over 15 years. I have cross-technological fluency in many industry-standard Design and UX software, grounded in a solid background in traditional illustration and animation, which I studied at the world-famous Parsons School of Design. Thanks to a growing clientele, my freelancing career had evolved into my UX Design career. My goal, plainly put, is to manifest and expand your visions, not just through visually attractive UI designs, but through a full spectrum of creative solutions to improve the user's experience. My passion for helping people and design becomes your production’s lifeblood.

For exceptional talent, detailed attention, integrity filled work ethic, and quick turnaround time your project demands, get in touch with me and I will get the ideas out of your head and into the world.





Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration 

with a Concentration in Animation


Sales & Marketing Designer


Packaging Designer/Copywriter


College Professor

Teaching: Design & Typography and

Intro to Design Media Environments


Interdepartmental Designer


Art Director & Founder

Freelance Designer

Junior Lead Instructor

& UX Design Fellow



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